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Treating Fungal Nails

Fungal nails are a very common foot complaint which people get very embarrassed about.  Onychomychosis accounts for 50% of all nail conditions and affects 10% of all adults.



It is caused by the same fungus as athletes foot which means if you have athletes foot you are very prone to fungal nails.  The most common signs of a fungal nail infection are a thickening and discolouration of the nail, usually white, black or yellow.  As the infection progresses the nail becomes brittle, crumbly and detaches from the toe.

Many people come to the clinic saying they have been using over the counter treatments for years but they have not worked. There are 3 main reasons for this:
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1. The fungal nail is not fungal but damaged or thickened.
2. The active fungus lies deep in the nail and the lacquer is not able to get to it.
3. The treatment is not being carried out properly.

Fungal nail treatments take a long time, at least 9 months. However the appearance of the nail will improve a lot quicker than that. During this time the treatment has to be applied to the nail 1-2x a week with out fail!! The nail also has to be thinned to remove the dead nail and expose the active fungus. This needs to be done by a professional, simply filing the nail will not work as you wont be able to get the nail thin enough.

If you are having fungal nail problems make sure you:

1. Get a professional diagnosis from a podiatrist.
2. You get advice on which treatment to use (some are A LOT better than others).
3. SEE A PODIATRIST TO THIN THE NAIL BEFORE YOU START THE TREATMENT if this is not done the treatment will not work.

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