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Free Foot Health Check


Thursday 16th July Ayres Podiatry will be carrying out free foot health checks and providing free foot care advice at West Heath Pharmacy.


During your free foot health check you will have the chance to discuss any foot, ankle or leg problems that bother you whether it be knee pains when running or dry cracked heels.

Foot check

To book your free Foot Health Check please call 01260 289248

During your appointment the following aspects of your foot and lower limb health will be checked:


Skin health:

Skin does a great job at protecting our bodies from the outside world.  However sometimes it becomes infected or painful areas of hard skin develop.  We will be able to assess your skin and diagnose most skin conditions.  Then we can design a treatment plan to resolve your problems quickly, efficiently and painlessly.



Podiatrist have an in depth knowledge of lower limb circulation.  During your appointment we will be able to assess the quality of your circulation and give you advice on how to maintain or improve your circulation.


Nerve Health:

Nerves provide the brain with information about body.  They inform the brain if part of the body is being damaged or if blood flow needs to be increased or decreased.  We will be able to assess the health of your nerves and provide you with information to help maintain the health of your feet if the nerves are damaged in anyway.


Musculoskeletal Examination:

skeletal alignment

Many foot problems are caused by the alignment of the bones and strength of the muscles within the leg and foot.  During your free appointment we can assess your musculoskeletal system and design a treatment plan to improve your posture and the way you move.  This will reduce your chances of sustaining injury and help reduce or control arthritic pains.


Footwear assessment:

Many foot problems stem directly from the shoes you wear.  We can look at your feet and advise you on the best type of footwear for your feet and problems.  We will not tell you that you cant wear your favourite high-heel pointed shoes but we can give you guidance on how to make your feet as comfortable as possible and restrict the amount of damage that fashionable footwear can cause.