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Dry Cracked Heels

A lot of people get dry cracked heels every summer. They can be unsightly, painful, bleed a lot and be very prone to infection.
Cracked Heel

The skin dries out because the foot is exposed to warm air and it dries in the same way washing dries when its pegged out. At the same time open sandals with minimal cushioning cause the heel fat pad to expand. This increases pressure on the skin and encourages callus (hard skin) development.

In the early stages applying moisturising creams such as E45 can keep the skin moist and strong. However once the skin starts to become hard or bleed its time to get professional help. Podiatrists can remove hard skin and expose new healthy skin using a combination scalpels, electric sanders and special dressings. This treatment is painless, safe and resolves the problem there and then. There are some home treatments and for some people these can have OK results but for a lot of people they cause more harm than good and can cost more than a podiatry appointment.

Todays Top Tip:

If your feet become dry, hard or cracked dont mess around with home remedies that become expensive and have limited effect, see a podiatrist and get the problem resolved quickly, cheaply and safely.