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Bosley Cloud

Walking groups around Congleton are becoming very popular and for good reason too.  Walking is

a great way to not only stay active and keep healthy but also a great way to enjoy the beautiful countryside that surrounds Congleton with like-minded people.



Going to the gym has many benefits but how often could you walk on a treadmill for an hour?  When did you see a gym with views as beautiful as those of Bosley Cloud and Astbury Mere and have you ever been to a gym thats outside in the fresh air?


Group walking

Walking, whether it be at the side of the road or cross country is a great way challenge your heart and lungs, improve circulation and keep bones and muscles strong and functioning.  One of the biggest hurdles preventing people from walking is painful feet, ankles, knees, hips and back.  Many of these pains are due to a lifetime of wear and tear.

As a result people think there is nothing that can be done to improve their situation and stop exercising, which often marks a steep decline in their physical ability.  However with some simple exercises that can be done at home and with orthotics, special insoles that improve foot function, many arthritic wear and tear pains can be reduced or eliminated.  Allowing the person to either maintain their current exercise regime or exercise even more and reap the health benefits that outdoor walking can give them.




Jennifer came to see me at the West Heath clinic after much persuasion from her daughter.  She was suffering pain in her lower back, right knee and right foot.  These pains had slowly built up after having her left hip replaced 2 years previously.


skeletal alignment

Jennifer was used to walking from West Heath to Congleton town centre and back.  However for the past year her pains had stopped her from walking more than 1/2 mile at a time.  After a quick examination it was discovered that Jennifer’s left leg was 1.5cm shorter than her right leg.  This caused abnormal movement in her feet and hips and excessive pressure with in her right knee.  With a pair of simple orthotics to artificially lengthen Jennifer’s left leg normal movement was restored.  3 weeks later Jennifer came into the clinic and exclaimed ‘I cant thank you enough I’ve walked into town and back twice in the past week.  I thought I was going to be stuck in one of the scooter things’.

Special Offer 

To show my support to senior citizen walking groups I would like to offer all walking group members a 10% discount on all Ayres Podiatry services at the West Heath clinic.  So come on down to West Heath precinct, get your feet fixed and keep walking.