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Congleton Carnival Feet

Congleton Carnval runs from Friday 11th to Sunday 13th. Are your feet ready for the carnival and ready for summer? Will you be embarrassed about the appearance of your feet this summer or will your feet ache or be painful walking round town?


Many people dont think about their feet. They just put their shoes on then their feet are out of sight and out of mind. Then comes summer with hot weather, beaches, sandals, festivals and feet!! Feet are exposed to the world along with their funny shaped, odd coloured nails, dry cracked heels and thick, hard skin.

This can be a real downer for a lot of people. Not only are they embarrassed about the appearance of their feet but they can also be very painful and ache after a short time walking round in light non-supportive footwear.

Ayres Podiatry is based in West Heath Pharmacy in Congleton where we can treat all types of foot problems with simple exercises, prescription only medications and special insoles called orthotics, not to mention advice on looking after your feet at home. We can slow down the development of bunions, treat skin conditions such as athletes foot, hard skin, verruca and corns. Treat ingrowing, painful or unsightly nails. And we can make your gait (the way you walk) more efficient often preventing feet, knees and hips from aching at the end of the day and reducing long term risks of arthritis.

If you are Congleton Carnival over the weekend and had aching feet, legs or lower back. Or if you had to think twice about putting sandals on then call 01260 289248 or 07795008917 and get your feet fixed.