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Basic hygiene to avoid foot infections.


Communal changing rooms, showers and pool sides are a hot spot for viral infections such as verruca and fungal infections such as athletes foot. Here are some very simple ways to avoid this type of infection and keep your feet happy:

Healthy beach feet


1. Wear flip flops, these will put a barrier between your skin and the surface where the infection is. They will also reduce abrasions on the foot making it harder for infections to penetrate the skin.

2. Dry feet properly, especially between the toes. Macerated skin is weak and doesn’t provide a good defence against infection. Making sure your feet are dried properly keeps the skin strong.

3. Use moisturising cream. Exposing your feet to warm air allows the skin to dry out. Dry skin is weak, can crack easily and is prone to infection. Using a simple foot cream 1-2x a day will keep skin strong, supple and healthy.

4. Seek help!! If you do get a strange rash, itchy skin, notice blood or odd coloured skin on your feet get professional help as soon as you can. The quicker a problem is noticed the quicker and easier it can be resolved.

Look after your feet this summer.